Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mr Groundhog says................................

6 more weeks of winter.Yep,I knew it.
I really don't mind the winter that much,at least I didn't used to.I love the holidays and snow and all that but by Feb I'm usually hankering to see some green.I think most of my family suffers from that "seasonal disorder",especially hubby and my oldest son.Gosh they whine and sulk all winter long then that 1st spring day hits and they're like new people!
Speaking of my oldest son,he had one pair of jeans that fit him due to his giant growth spurt over the last 6 mos so we went to Tar-gay last night to get him a pair.
We walk in and he immediately veers off in the other direction,I call his name and he keeps walking pretending not to hear me or know who I am. I fianlly catch up with him in the clothes and he starts speaking to me and his sister in a very heavy (loud)british accent!(can we say Britney-bi-polar y'all!!!)He hasn't gone off the deep end or anything this is just his idea of being funny and amusing and embarrasing the heck out of his weary mom.I had to laugh tho he really can pull off that accent quite well!!!!lol
Yep,teenagers are a barell of fun folks.
My youngest is finally feeling better,I found out that his eardrum actually burst due to the infection.Poor little guy,that had to be so painful.
He is eating again finally,running around screaming and hurling his trucks across the room so it appears he's back to his little terrible two destructive self.
I caught 2 of my fave movies on last night,"Father of the Bride" and "Father of the Bride 2"!The 2nd one aired prior to the 1st for some weird reason but whatever.My middle daughter watched them with me and we laughed and talked about how perfect that house in the movie is.Those movies never fail to make me smile!

So I'm off to make the troops some breakfast.I guess it's Super Bowl sunday?
The only person in our house that follows football at all is my oldest daughter,I know that the Patriots are in it but I have no idea who the other team
It seems even if you don't like football you just MUST make some nachos and wings then turn on the game like you're interested.Hey,good excuse to eat some junk food!

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