Friday, August 31, 2007

It comes in threes

We've had another death in our family,the 3rd in 3 months.I don't know how many times I've heard that "well,they say death comes in 3s" in the last 2 days.
Maybe it's true,if it is that will end it for a very long time I hope.
I just feel sad.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Steel Magnolias~

This is one of my all time fave movies and I caught it on TV last night around 10:00 pm or so.I was so tired but I had to stay up and see it to the end.I had forgotten how much I liked the movie and it never fails that I always cry through that last 1/2 an hour.Hubby sat and watched it with me although of course he doesn't "get it".I actually had to explain to him what a "Steel Magnolia" meant.
I explained to him that southern women are sometimes referred to as "Steel Magnolias" meaning very strong but delicate and beautiful at the same time.
He was really clueless.
Anyway as I sobbed through to the end I took great notice of the very last line of the movie,the lead character (played by Sally Field,whom I adore)has lost her daughter etc etc and just smiles and says"life goes on"
It's so simple but I've found myself saying this over and over in my life recently.
It really does just simply go on,no matter what happens it must.
Bad things happen,things you don't expect or feel you deserve but you get through,you find strength and pull yourself up every day.Some days are easier than other days but we still do it.
I have to much good,too much love and too much faith to just crawl in a corner and never come out again.I've certainly felt like doing that before but not now,not today.
I've always fancied myself a southern girl at heart so a "Steel Magnolia" would surely be something that I would feel honored to be,at least in my mind.
You know come to think of it,I know alot of women that deserve that title.They may not be from the south but they are some of the most strong and beautiful women I know.
I'm going to have to go hunt through my old DVDs,I think I want to watch this one again.;o)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Viscountess Amy the Incomplete of Pease Pottage
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

I actually kinda like the sound of that.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Fried Zucchini

Well,not only am I up to my ears in tomatoes but I also have a 5 gallon bucket of Zucchini sitting on my counter now.I made this today,not the most healthy snack I know but I only ate a couple and the the kids ate the rest.I know,BAD
It was awfully yummy tho.

Fried Zucchini~

2-3 med Zuchs
1 C flour
1/2 C egg beaters
2 TBSP Paula Deens House seasoning(garlic powder,salt,and pepper)

Heat a fairly deep skillet with some olive oil and canola oil,(I use mostly canola)
cut the Zuchs lengthwise then in half into fairly thick strips,dip in egg beaters and toss with flour and seasoning in a large ziploc bag.
Cook till brown and inside is tender,about 5-6 min each side.
Serve with horseradish sauce or marinara

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our Sunday Adventure~

Well,we all had a good time and it's been a long day.The oldest son chose skateboarding over our little outing but that's ok.The last pic is him jumping over something I think.

Happy Sunday!

Well so far my weekend has been busy.I stayed up way too late on Friday night and I felt it all day yesterday!I was draggy and sluggish even with 3 cups of coffee in me.
I cleaned,did some laundry,the usual.I planned on making some zucchini bread but I just couldn't get motivated,maybe another day.
I took my oldest son and one of his co-horts to the skatepark late in the day then went grocery shopping.Have you ever heard 2 13 year old boys having a conversation?From what I could make out there was lots of talk about energy drinks and some bands that I had never heard of,also alot of technical skateboard terms that after all these years I still don't understand.
I ended up with 3 13 year old boys spending the night at my house,(not clear on where the 3rd came from,I just noticed him around 11:00 pm or so digging in the fridge)They went through a 10 pack of frozen burritos,1 bag of chips,a whole jumbo jar of salsa,and several cans of what I think are energy drinks.(why on Earth do kids this age think they need MORE energy??!!)
I've been up with the little one since 6:30 and so far I'm feeling pretty good.
(amazingly the loud teens didn't keep me up like they usually do)
It's a beautiful day today and I'm planning on packing up the whole crew and going here.....................................

There is alot more there than just the cool bridge.I'm thinking I might even get some sort of picnic together to take.I hope I can pull it off.
It's a beautiful place and I'm hoping to get some pics.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I have a new love in my life

I've been hearing about this "Chai Tea" stuff for months now but it never sounded good to me.I'm pretty happy with my coffee and I didn't think I could be swayed.
Well,I read a blog post recently,(I swear I wish I could remember which one but I don't)the gal was raving about it so I thought what the heck?
I bought some at the store and made it according to the package directions.
I was very suprised by the taste!It's sweet and cinnamon-y and even kind of spicy.
I must say it was quite tasty and I can see how this stuff could be VERRRY addictive.
If you've never tried it I would suggest trying it iced with a little sugar and cream,(I used splenda and fat free half and half,the fancy name for this at S-bucks is Chai Latte) I easily downed 2 glasses of the stuff without realizing it!
I'ts a great alternative to coffee for that little afternoon pick-me-up,and what a great flavor for fall!
I think my coffee maker is getting jealous

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Check her out~

I was sent a link to this blog from a "Large Families" group that I belong to,and HAD to pass it along.What a hoot this lady is!
She's real,down to earth,and just plain hilarious.
Whether you have 2 kids or 10 I think we can all relate!


I woke up to my alarm at 6:20 this morning and I instantly remembered the dream I was having.It was a nice dream,a peaceful dream,a happy dream.I wasn't being held hostage by intruders,or running thru the woods with no place to go.(these are recurring dreams of mine that I have at least every other week or so)
This was me in a house with ALL my family members,even ones I haven't seen in YEARS.
It was Christmas time and we were all just sitting,talking and openeing presents.I don't remember any words that were spoken but I could "feel" what it felt like.(if that make sense)
I woke up feeling more refreshed and at peace than I have in weeks,especially the last week or so.
It was nice.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

They left

Well,my babies are off to school today.My oldest 2 to Junior High and my middle 2 to 1st and 3rd grade.It's just me and little squirts now.How did this summer go by so fast?I'm feeling a little empty today.

We had an end of summer vacation dinner last night and I let them choose anything they wanted.Yep,they wanted CHINESE!It never fails.How come they never want me to cook??

Monday, August 20, 2007

Party all the time!

This past Saturday night we went to a party at the home of some very special people. They mean alot to me and I want them to know it.I had a great time and it was definitely just what the Dr ordered.I needed to be with my family,I needed to chat and to laugh,and watch the kids play.I needed to feel that warmth and love.
Thank you L&B for inviting us to your lovely new home,thank you for getting my mind off of recent events,thank you for being there.(even tho B tried to "off" me with the peach thing lol)Luv ya
When can I come back??? ;o)

My parents~alive and well,an image that I will cherish

A few of my fave things from my yard

I'm not feeling great today,not sick or overly tired just sore and achy still.I was told that I could feel this way for weeks,especially if I overdo (which I think I might have the last couple of days)There has just been alot to do around the house and it just doesn't get done unless I do it, school shopping to do etc etc.The walk around the mall with my girls was too much I think. I guess I should pace myself a bit for awhile.
The baby was asleep and the other kids were watching a movie so I took a little walk around the yard.I do that sometimes just to clear my head,believe it or not that short little jaunt around the house getting some air can do wonders.
I took some pics,my garden has actually produced some corn and pumpkins!I'm in shock

some green tomatoes

a pumpkin!

yes,there are leaves falling from my trees already

my little angel,she's been sitting on the porch steps keeping watch for 3 years now

Mrs Duck and her fancy fall hat

all the tomatoes my mother-in-law sent over,guess I'll be making sauce till it comes out my ears!

MUMS just scream fall

some roses,looking pretty sad this year


I like the color of these

Look,I actually have some real CORN!

Funny,not more than 20 minutes after I took these it started pouring down rain and it looks like we might be in for some pretty bad storms.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Movin on

It's now been 3 days since the accident and I'm doing ok,not great but very ok.I'm sore but today was better than yesterday and I'm hoping that's a trend.My parents are still sore and achy but they seem in good spirits. I finally got a rental car today.I must admit to being quite freaked out when I 1st got behind the wheel again.
I wonder if everyone who's been through something like this feels that way?I can't imagine not being nervous,even a little paranoid.
My life is going on,my kids are still fighting,still wanting me to do something for them every 2 minutes,still grocery shopping to do,meals to be cooked and there is still much to be done to get ready for school.It's actually been a great distraction,all the school supply shopping,orientations,etc etc
I had promised my oldest daughter she could get a haircut and highlights before school started and her appt was last night.I couldn't trust hubby to take her,who knows what kind of "do" she would've come back with! I went and it was rough,about 1/2 way through the highlight I wanted to lie down in the salon but I popped a motrin I made it to the end.She was happy and ready to show off to all her other little highlighted Junior High friends.
So,after all life really does go on.
Here's my little supermodel in the making with her new highlighted head

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Things can change in an instant

Well,I've sruggled with whether or not to post about this but I feel the need to write about it.It seems that it does help.I always meant to keep this blog rather light and mostly about mommy stuff and daily goings on,but this happened and I can't hide from it.It all does seem quite surreal though.
I'm still very emotional and the sounds and visions of it all are still very raw on my surface.I can't write about all the details just yet but here it is.

My parents were in the car with me,I was driving.We were hit by an SUV going 55 miles per hr and my van was flipped.Thank god none of my children were with us.
Simply by the grace of god we all left the hospital with no broken bones,nothing but some cuts and bruising.The Drs were even amazed.
I belive in god,I believe in angels~I'm sure that they were there in that van with us,I believe in miracles~this past Tuesday I was part of one.
Please hug your kids,kiss your babies,tell your husband or whoever that you love them,let your family and friends know how much they mean to you.Our lives can change in an instant.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Good Morning!

Well,the little stinker woke me up at 6 in the AM today so I've been up about for almost 3 hours now.I got the notion to make blueberry mufffins and it figures the rare occasion that I want to do that I find out someone has stolen my muffin pan.I seem to recall using it around Easter and now no sign of it.I do have this giant pan with little designs in the bottom that makes the muffins look like different flowers so I tried that.The pan is so big my measly batter only made 5 muffins but they smelled good and looked ok,I'll just have to split them all up amongst the kids somehow.
So after I took this pic of the muffins and downloaded it I noticed some suspicious photos on the my camera.It appears my 2 oldest decided to turn our basement into a casino last night.Here is the poker action that I missed.

Here he is with a rather odd look on his face,I think it has something to do with the tiny little amount of chips he has

Here would be her pile of chips

Obviously she kicked his b--- and thought it was an awesome photo op

Ok,while I definitely DO NOT condone gambling for my children I do find it amusing that she beat him so seriously and obviously took great pride in it!If you knew him and how he's always trying one up her at every turn this must be a real kick for her.
Well shoot,I guess all the excitement happens when I'm asleep.

Friday, August 10, 2007


I've never been so happy to see 82 degrees!!!

Even the cats seemed to be enjoying the break in the heat,this is the 1st time I've seen them up off of the longe chairs in 2

Thursday, August 9, 2007


I promise this is my last "how hot it is"whine-post but ok,this will give a good idea of just HOW HOT it is,(and it's almost 8pm)I just went out to take some pics of my little sad green tomatoes that finally came out but my camera lens steams up as soon as I walk outside and I can't even get a good pic!
This "heat warning" is in effect till tomorrow! I can't recall this kind of heat or actually having an extended warning before.I hope it cools of a bit before the kids go back to school,the elementary doesn't have air conditioning of any sort.(which I've never understood.(it's an old school building and the cost etc etc)
Here is the pic of the tomatoes,you can actually see how the the lens is steamed up.
On another note I have tomatoes!!!! YIPPPEEEE!

Somebody dump some ice on me!

The last few days have been rough around here,it's been insanely hot(heat index of 110 right now) and the kids have been in the house with nothing to do.We've watched movies,colored,painted,etc etc I basically ran out of stuff to keep them occupied and they just went competely nutty.I was tired and extremely cranky and so were they.
It seemed all they wanted to do was get onto trouble and scream.I was on the edge.
Well,today I woke up gathered my thoughts and put them to work.We cleaned the basement,sprayed off the toys outside,(I sprayed them too which was a big hit)
then we came in and made pizza and lemonade.
They've been good,agreeable and quiet.(not quiet really just not screaming at the top of their lungs)I'm actually getting through this day without getting upset even once! YAY!
I'm so hoping this crazy heat wave lets up soon,it really is draining and quite depressing to tell the truth.I'm telling you even 80 degrees sounds great to me right now!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


It is so,so hot here.There is actually an "Excessive Heat Warning" in effect until tonight for our area.It's 94 degrees right now with a heat index of 105 degress!!!!
They tell you not do any outdoor activities unless it's absolutely nescessary.
No worries on my end,I won't be setting foot out there.The kids even refuse to go out past the porch. I really can't handle this kind of heat,it literally makes me feel sick and the humidity makes it very hard for me to breathe.
I wonder about the people in homes with no air at all,not even fans.I'm counting my blessings today that I'm in an air conditioned enviroment but how many people will get sick or even die in this kind of weather?
I think I'll be saying a prayer for them right now.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Just Me~

I've seen this on some other blogs and I think it's pretty challenging to come up with 100 facts about yourself. Once I got going tho I didn't want to stop,makes you think.It's almsot cathardic.
So anyway....this is me

1.I'm short
2.I am married
3.I have 7 kids
4.I love babies
5.I love pregnancy and birth
6.I have long hair
7.My hair can't decide what color it wants to be
8.I live in a pink house
9.I love to cook and eat what I make
10.I have developed allergies
11.I can be controlling
12.I love pink
13.I love sexy high heels but never wear them any more
14.I met my hubby in a bar
15.I love bubble baths
16.I hate hot humid weather
17.I love the fall
18.I love Xmas
19.I long for peace and quiet but then when it happens I miss the chaous
20.I like to read
21.I love magazines
22.I had my belly button pierced but it hurt so I took it out
23.I did have fun getting it done tho!
24.I have a monumental crush on Rick Springfield
25.his music is the soundtrack to my life for the last 25 years
26.I had the same boyfriend from age 13-18
27.I dated a lot after that
28.I miss hanging out with other females
29.I love purses
30.I don't like skinny men
31.I pretend to garden but can't
32.I loathe doing dishes
33.I have a mini-van and a maxi -van
34.I love red wine
35.I have a glass 2-3 times a week
36.ok,more like 4-6 times
37.I love roses
38.I was raised by my grandparents
39.I don't see my mother much fave candy is peanut butter cups
41.sometimes I'm very lonely
42.sometimes I'm very scared
43.sometimes I lose my temper and wish I didn't
44.I have gone thru bouts of anxiety and depression
45.I will struggle with it forever I'm afraid
46.I hate the war
47.I support the troops and cry for the families
48.I am very emotional
49.I love fireflies
50.I'm deathly afraid of bears
51.I'm afraid of dying biggest fear is losing a child kids are growing up way too fast
54.I love make-up
55.I like my lips
56.I hate my nose
57.I've had breast implants for 11 yrs now my implants need some implants feet have gotten bigger by 2 full sizes since having kids
60.I have SPANX and am not afraid to use them fave food is mexican
62.I love southern cooking
63.I want to be Paula Deen when I grow up
64.I brush my teeth in the shower
65.I can not sleep by a door,any door
66.I like Elvis
67.I like spooky movies
68.I like romantic comedies
69.I hate ghory violent movies
70.I don't get Borat
71.I'm a tad old fashioned
72.and I like it that way
73.I can't sleep past 9am
74.I would love to be a nurse
75.I love the mountains
76.I love the beach
77.On our 20th wedding anniversary we will renew our vows in Hawaii on the beach~I hope/dream
78.I worry about my friends and family a lot
79.I'm a big time worrier~but I'm working on it
80.I hate bras
81.i have 4 boys
82.I have 3 girls
83.I'm still up in the air about which is more challenging
84.I used to care so much what other people thought of me and my family,I've learned it really doesn't matter
85.I think I was raised to be moral and thoughtful of others
86.I've done stupid things in the past
87.I've done things I would NOT want my kids to know about
88.I can't sing worth a dime
89.I've never met my father
90.I love coffee
91.I need to lose weight
92.I try to be a good mom
93.I love what I'm doing and take it very seriously
94.I'm 40
95.wouldn't want to be 20 again
96.I'm not overly political
97. I love the internet
98.I think the internet can be a wonderful thing
99.I think the internet can also be a an evil ,horrendous tool in the wrong hands
100.I appreciate every moment of my life


I just finished making a list of all I have to do in the next 2 weeks before the kids go back to school,all I can say is YIKES!I have 4 in school this year and 1 possibly going to pre-school.I've got to get back to school clothes,which the oldest 3 refuse to let me pick out anymore so that means a 3-day jaunt to let them pick out all the stuff that I won't like. I do feel it's important to let them be individuals though so I'm ok when they look at what I pick and take off running.
I need to get the massive amount of school supplies required for all 4,which means I might need an extra van to bring them all home in.
the endless search for a "cool" new book bag
Drs appointments
dentist appts
1 eye appt
soccer sign up for 1 of them
a hair appt for my oldest daughter who says she's not going to Junior High without a cut and highlights(she is her Mommas daughter after all!)
jr high orientation
and some other odds and ends activities and errands that must be done by the Big "1st Day".
So, I have 2 weeks to accomplish all this and the thought alone is wearing me out. The tradition of going back to school has seemed to turn into a huge ordeal around here over the years,but to tell you the truth I do enjoy it.They seem genuinely excited which I think is WONDERFUL. I have to admit I'm looking forward to a little slower pace during the day myself.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

My new fave candle

Ok,I know it's still a bit early to decorate for fall,although personally I think it's NEVER too soon for Fall or Xmas decorating,but I found this new scent and it's gotta be me my new fave for this fall. I already have it sitting out and yes,I'm burning it all day long! It smells like cinnamon,maple and a ton of other yummy stuff.It's already making me think of the leaves changing and cool crisp air,I can't wait.

My fly~girl

Ok,this is what my 2 oldest girls do when boredom strikes.They thought it would be fun to see how high one could get in the air when jumping off the end table onto the couch while the other snapped pics with Moms camera.These were take in our den where I was actually sitting on the computer with my back to the action.I had no idea what they were doing(I guess I can engrossed at times)but I think these pics are pretty darn amusing.(I'm thinking she just might have a future in cheerleading too)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Speaking of beans

The pic above is a TINY portion of the fresh-from-the-garden beans my mother in law sent yesterday.I probably actually have about 4 times that many waiting to be cleaned and cooked in various ways.I love beans,my kids love them too so this is a good thing.What kills me is I planted my garden only about a week or two after she did and I have nothing out there but some sad looking plants that kinda look like they're trying to be beans and a heck of alot of weeds.Between all the deer and the cats using it for one giant litter box it's no wonder I guess.
This is my 1st try at a veggie garden so I'm cutting myself some slack. I figure if I end up with even one whole bean or pumpkin I'ts a success!

New thing I discovered

I have a new fave thing to use when I'm cooking,it's called "Herbs De Provence".It's a lush combination of spices including Rosemary,Marjoram,Thyme,Savory,Lavendar,and Fennel seed all wrapped up in one fabulous little bottle!! I never knew it even existed until a recipe I was making out of one of Sandra Lees cookbooks called for it.I'm in love with it,the aroma alone will win you over and send you right to the french countryside.(not that I've ever smelled it there but I'm thinking it might be close!)
I've used it on chicken,steaks,even veggies.
My mother in law has been sending me gobs of fresh beans from her garden so I've been whipping this up almost every day,everyone loves it and it makes the house smell Yummy!

3-4 cups beans (fresh or frozen)
3 TBSP olive oil
1 TBSP butter
salt pepper
1-2 TBSP herbs De Provence
fresh grated parmesan cheese

saute beans in olive oil and butter for about 10 min till tender but still crisp
add all ingredients and saute for a few more min
sprinle cheese on top
you could even throw in a handful of pine nuts if you feel like it