Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Beginning to feel like Christmas!

"A Charlie Brown Christmas" was on TV last night and I actually got a few of my little ones to sit down and watch it with me.I mean how cute is that show?!!?? I so looked forward to it when I was little.I loved them all,Rudolph,Frosty,Nestor the Long Eared Donkey.It didn't feel like christmas until we saw those shows.I don't know if my kids even liked it or not but I enjoyed watching it with them.
For some reason they decided that they just HAD to write the letters to Santa last night (maybe snoopy inspired them!)so we sat at the computer and surfed all the toy sites until they had written down all the cars,barbies,and transformers we could find.It was so cute because they all insisted on writing little personal notes to him like "How is your wife" and "I'll be leaving you chocolate milk and cheese".
I remember looking at the JCPenney and Sears catalogs until the pages were worn,the times sure have changed.

Well,the snow is headed our way! They say 2-4 inches by Wed morning! Woo hoo!I love the snow,at least till I have to drive in it anyway.
One more thing,I had to write about my oldest sons ummm,well......his new "look".
He's had long hair for years,I seriously think it's been maybe since he was 10 that it was even remotely short.
Well,night before last he decided to trim his hair,(on his own!)It looked ok,not perfect but it would get by till I could get him to the salon.
Well,this morning he came down the stairs and I about dropped my coffee.He had done it again and this time he was almost buzzed!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean the kid hardly has any hair.He says he loves it and I'm in complete shock.
It figures too that holiday pictures are right around the corner.I'll post some pics later if I can catch him.I bet his head is getting cold by now,lol!

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lynn said...

I used to loved watching all those when I was a kid too. Rudolph was just on the other night, I missed it. My kids will watch them but I don't think they enjoy them as much as I did.