Thursday, May 31, 2007

No more McDreamy

Well, tonight is Thursday and by now I would be rushing to get the kids to baths and bed so I could settle on the couch to watch "Greys Anatomy" at 9:00. Of course no one hardly ever actually goes to bed or lets me sit thru the whole show without wanting a drink,food,something that they can't find or just generally wallowing all over me. This whole time I'm straining my almost middle aged ears to hear what Meredith is whining about this week and hoping to at least get the gist of what might be going on at that hot-bed of lust hospital.

Alas.................not tonight. My fave show is gone till the fall and so now I must be satisfied with all the reruns of other shows that I gave up to watch Greys. CSI is a possibility.
You wait,now that they know I have nothing to watch they'll all be tucked in bed by 9:00 and won't show their cute little faces till morning. I can dream right!!!???

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Paradise at last! said...

I love reading your blogs.. They make me feel like I'm there with you sometimes