Monday, November 26, 2007

A cold weekend!

Well,talk about hot soup weather,this sure is it!It's cold,dark,and raining.Our propane went out 2 days ago and if you can believe it they wanted 200.00 to come out for an emergency re-fill on top of the insane cost of the propane itself.(being aholiday weekend didn't help either,the driver was out of town)We've been bundling up and covering up and using space heaters till today and hopefully they'll get out here soon!No propane also means no hot water,yep it's been fun.I've had more house trouble in the last week,geesh!
I've got a pot of chicken soup on the stove as we speak and it smells soooo good.I use this mix and add 6 cups hot water and 2 cups chicken broth,also some frozen mixed veggies,and a dash of ground sage and thyme.YUM!I've had homemade before and this really comes pretty darn close.

The kids and I watched "Hairspray" yesterday and oh my gosh what a hoot that movie is!!!! If you haven't seen it you should!I love John Travolta anyway,I think I've had a tiny crush on him since Saturday Night Fever.Something about him when he gets out there on the dance floor!WOW!I love to watch him.It isn't quite the same when he's dressed up as a woman but still very entertaining! The movie really is cute and so funny,I laughed through the whole thing.The whole cast did a great job and I can see why all the young girls like that cutie Zac Efron. I'll be watching this one again.

Well,off to my soup and to wait for the magic propane truck.Please let him get here soon!My toes are going
I'm also going into battle with my artificial disagreeable christmas tree today,long story but wish me luck.

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