Thursday, November 15, 2007

My new look

Well,I've been playing around with my blog again and finally figured out how to change up a few things.
I've started decorating my house for Christmas so I just had to do a little here too. I like how it turned out!
It's been a nutty around here lately,alot going on with the kids and getting ready for the holidays,family stress,financial stress,too much heaviness to ever get into here.I only try to write "pleasant" posts right??!!!
We all must have an escape or an outlet, and I guesss this "blogging" thing has turned out to be one for me.I can float around some of my fave blogs and be very inspired,amused,get a new recipe,decorating ideas,etc etc There are so many creative ladies out there blogging and I adore reading them when I can.I only get a few minutes here and there but I love it.
I like being able to come here and write about...well,whatever strikes me at that moment! I get a kick out of going back and reading some of my older posts too,it makes me think of things that otherwise I might have forgotten.

Have a great Thursday evening,off to watch "Greys Anatomy".

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