Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to my pre-teen!

My oldest daughter turned 12 this past Wednesday.I can't believe it,she's officially a "pre-teen".Yep, next year she'll be (GASP)a teenager.She didn't want much really,some chinese food (her fave)a chocolate cake and well.....she did make it very clear for the last year that she would LOVE a cell phone.I wavered back and forth on it for months but she's so responsible and truly she never asks for much so we did get her one.To be honest she's the last one in her group of friends to have one.I know I swore I'd never give in to the "give the kids cell phones" craze but it does make me feel a bit more secure that they have one when they leave the house.I guess it's not as bad as I once thought and there is some good in it.Here are a few pics of her big day,as you can see she was very suprised when she opened the phone and she was THRILLED!
She's just growing up so fast.Happy Birthday sweetie!

the phone,I swear she's barely put it down since she opened it.It's like her pet.:o)


lynn said...

Looks like your daughter had a nice bday. My 12 year old has been asking for a cell phone too and we're finally giving in for Christmas. What kind did you get?

Amy~~ said...

Hi Lynn!
We got her a Verizon flip phone.It's a pretty basic model,nothing too fancy.It takes pics tho which she loves.