Friday, January 4, 2008

Highly irritated and Happy New Year

I've been trying to change my top header photo for a week now and it won't let me!ACCCKKKKKK
Gosh I'm glad this last year is over.I hate to complain but it's been a rough one in so many ways.I'm hoping and praying that 2008 will be a better one for all of us.I'm feeling hopeful about it.
I couldn't even stay up till midnight on New years eve this year,I fell asleep around 11:30.Gosh,I'm lame.

My 2 oldest boys share a birthday on New Years day so we had (requested) home made enchiladas and I even made them a cake.I usually get one from an awesome bakery that I know but I just didn't have the extra $$ this year.
I still can't believe that I'm the mom of a 14 year old boy,a 14 year old anything for that matter.When did this happen? You know when your kids are small people say"enjoy it now,they grow up so fast"
Well, you know it's true.
I'm thinking if he goes to college he could be out of the house in 4 years.How do you do that? How do you let your 1st born baby walk out the door on his own??!! I know people do it every day but it's beyond me.I have alot of prep to do I guess.Is there a class I could take maybe??
My middle son (who turned 7) is telling me at least once a day that he's joining the army or marines when he gets old enough.WHAT??!! HUH???!!! Where did that come from?
I have the utmost respect for the guys and girls in our armed forces but you don't want to hear that from your little boy,especially now.(((sigh)))This growing up thing is for the birds.

Here are some pics from the boys b-day

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