Thursday, October 4, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We all probably know someone,a friend or family member (or perhaps even yourself) that has been touched in some way by this.
I know a few survivors myself and one of them is someone very ,very close to me.
I had a lump several years ago and thankfully turned out to be nothing but back then(9 years ago)we weren't as vigilant as we are now.I thought for sure it was a death sentence,now I know that it doesn't have to be.
One of the wonderful ladies blogs that I visit is fighting right now,I've found her posts very encouraging and she shows strength that I'm not sure I could.
In honor of the month and all the courageous women who have fought or are presently fighting,I have so much admiration and respect for all of you.
Please click this link,every time we do more money is raised for mammograms.

This time last year some of my wonderful family and I attended a "Horizon of Hope" luncheon at The Longaberger Homestead,it was amazing.There was a woman speaking who was also a survivor and I learned so much that day.I thought I knew alot about it but we can always learn and know more.
Be aware
Be informed
Do your self exams!
Have the mammogram

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