Sunday, October 14, 2007

My new yard decor

Yep,that's right folks,this is the ghoulish scene I awoke to this fine Sunday morning.The trees,the bushes,they spared nothing.Lovely isn't it?

Get this,not only were we lavished in TP but are you ready for this....we were also PLASTIC-WARED!!!They actually took boxes of plastic spoons and forks and stuck them in the yard,all upright in rows.It reminded me of a little utensil graveyard.I'm tellin ya,teenagers these days are creative!I haven't gotten upset about this really due to the fact that I myself partook in a TP adventure a time or two in my day,but shoot it was nothing like this.
In fact at 1st glance I assumed that this was the handywork of my teen sons male friends but upon closer inspection I'm inclined to believe this could be the work of (GASP) GIRLS! He and the friend that stayed over last night were gabbing on the phone with the 2 females that live within walking distance of our house,also the detail and time that was put into this TP job,it was meticulous almost DECORATIVE!
The way they draped and layered,the strategic placement of the empty cardboard rolls,no 14 year old male would have been capable of this display.Not to mention that inspiring use of plastic-ware,truly amazing.


lynn said...

How nice! lol That will be a pain to clean up. Hope it didn't rain on it!

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