Sunday, October 7, 2007

What the heck?

Isn't it October people?? Geez Looweez it's hot here! I don't like it,not one little bit.I'm waiting patiently for the crisp chilly fall air that should be coming by now,they say it's on it's way by the middle of the week.It better be!
Well,today I've been doing some heavy duty cleaning that I know my back will be sorry for tomorrow morning but I can't look at all the mess and kid grime any longer.
The baseboards and floors,etc etc etc It never ends around here.
There was one job that's been facing me for months and I finally got it done today.I'd been using my dining room table for a catch-all since around February and it was loaded up,I couldn't even make out the tablecloth on it anymore. I cleared it all off,put it all where it should be and did it up for fall/thanksgiving.I'll post a pic when I get it a little more prettied up.I'm sooooo happy to get that done,I had been avoiding that for as long as possible.
I got another couple pumpkins from our garden,that makes 8 in total!WOW! I'm amazed.
The raccoons and deer gobbled all the corn tho,I got one ear out of all that I planted.Oh well.I know I planted beans too,hmmmm wonder what became of those???
It's spaghetti night here and I'm looking forward to 2 of my fave shows,"Desperate Housewives" and "Brothers and Sisters",LOVE them!
No school tomorrow so I'm not even going to fret about baths and homework tonight.
Maybe I'll turn the air on really low and make some hot chocolate,I can dream can't I??!!

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lynn said...

Hey, we had spaghetti tonight too!
Isn't crazy how warm it's been? Doesn't seem like October at all.