Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Chicken soup please?

Well,I'm sick,I've been fighting it for days hoping I would get better on my own but I finally broke down and went to the Dr today.I've had a cough,sore throat,congestion,fever,etc etc He said I have bronchitis and a slight case of Pneumonia and gave me a shot of anti-biotic and a prescription to take for the next 2 weeks.I have pretty much zero energy and every muscle in my body is aching right now.
These are the times that I wish I could put on my robe and get in bed with some hot tea and rest,but that's not likely to happen.If I tried to get in the bed it would be less than 5 minutes before I had at least 2-3 kiddies in there with me stealing my pillows and forcing me to watch spongebob.

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