Friday, September 7, 2007

2 weeks from tonight!

Concert Review taken from LA magazine~
Los Angeles, Gibson Amphitheater - A video projection screen drops down center displaying a video montage of Australian native rocker Rick Springfield during his early days up until present. The video included his stint as a Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital and a cartoon version of Springfield as the crowd gave a thunderous applause. When you think of Springfield you might grin and giggle but he is no laughing matter. His is a talented musician that kicks ass. At 57, he has more energy than guys half his age and he had more energy than the Eveready bunny. He is obviously the happiest when he is performing in stage and it shows from the very first note until the last encore song, Springfield had the audience mesmerized.

"Mesmerized" I will be.I can not wait!!!

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lynn said...

Oooh!! Have fun!