Thursday, September 6, 2007

May I introduce to you...........................

you talkin to me???

my cat with the serious "tude"

This is Rosie, and yes he's a boy.When I named him I mistakenly thought that he was a girl,well he's been pretty irritated and resentful ever since.(can ya tell?)

Have you heard the saying"walk softly and carry a big stick"? Well,that's him.

He's quiet and can be loveable at times but he defintely "rules the school",all the other cats around here seriously clear a path when they see him coming.

My little ones have dressed him up,tried to give him a bath in the washing machine,put pink princess hair clips in his fur,and once tried to strap him to a Power Rangers vehicle.(I always saved him before any damage was done)

He never bit them or scratched them or even let out a good meow about it all,he just tolerated it.I figure he must really love them to be tortured like that.
I'm pretty sure that he might benefit from some therapy at some point though.

He's a nice cat and I love him but as you can see he can be quite moody when he doesn't get his food on time.(see 2nd pic,he looks at me like this every morning)

Guess he fits right in with all the others around here.;o)

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