Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I have a cold and 3 of my kids have it too.It's been a runny nose,coughing,and sneezing marathon around here today.
I had a Drs appt for my back this morning and I have another one tomorrow.I dread going,right now my back is the least of my pain compared to the elephant sitting on my head.
My next to oldest son has a school open house tonight and I just had to send the hubby.I couldn't take the thought of sitting in that 150 degree school room on those itty bitty plastic torture chairs for an hour.
We had a bit of excitement earlier today when the same son decided to see if his head could fit thru a plastic hanger.It did,but it was a bit more difficult getting it to come back off.(I'm AMAZED that he got it over his head to begin with seeing as though all my kids have been blessed with a giant round head like mine)
The beautiful weather we had over the weekend is gone and it's HOT again,yuk and double yuk.It's been such a scorching summer around here,butI keep thinking this time next month things will be cooling off and the leaves will be turning,I'm really looking forward to that.

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Paradise at last! said...

OMG, I just pictured the plastic hanger on Noah's head.. You should of taken a pic.. I'm sorry you don't feel good I hope you feel better... You know we don't get sick often in Florida.. Why don't you come join me? lol Had to do it sorry