Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm back!

Wow,it's been several days since I posted! This past weekend has been amazing,I'm still absorbing it and trying to wrap my brain around it all and I'll post about it when I do.
Happy Fall y'all,yesterday was the official 1st day of Autumn!!!I have 6 pumpkins so far out of my garden,I can't believe they actually came up but they did!
I got a few ears of corn but other than that nothing else.I'm still learning,maybe next year it will do better.
I made this incredible cake yesterday from
(I can't get the little linky thingy to work for some reason)
if you like chocolate this is the cake for you!!! YUMMO!!!!

I'm off to spend my day cleaning,it usually takes me all day to get the house in order after all the kids and hubby have been home all weekend,me being in a constant dream state since Friday night hasn't helped either!lolMore to come on that later............

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