Saturday, September 8, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Well,it's extremely hot and humid today again,not feelin like fall people!!

My 2nd oldest son had his 1st official soccer game today,(the same son that put his head though the hanger)he seems to like it so far. He made a pretty amusing comment to me last night,we were reading a kids version of the bible and it's pretty vauge and lacks much detail.So after we get done with it he looks directly at me and says"so basically Jesus dies and god has to do ALL the work now?" LOL,that was his take on it.

Back to his game~
Here he is getting a bit of direction

and he's off!

They got less goals than the other team,(at this age they don't "officially" keep score although some parents do anyway)but they all had fun and got good and sweaty.

I went to my parents house yesterday and for some reason my mom has been gathering things up that she thinks that I might want for myself or the kids.They're up in age and I guess it's on her mind.

anyway she gave me a bag of my old baby clothes,doll clothes,etc She also gave me this..................

It's my thermos from my Holly Hobbie lunchbox that I used in elementary school!!!!
She said she had the actual metal box some place.I can't believe she saved it all these years but you know what,it's very neat to have it now.It makes me glad that I'm saving little things like that for my kids,someday they'll be glad I did.
I took a couple pics of the kids while we were there.
My dad playing the keyboard

Some toys they loaded them up with

It was nice to spend the time with them and the kids love going there,it's always an adventure.
There's a big festival going on around these parts this weekend and I really want to go but I'm going to hang out till tomorrow and hope it gets a little bit cooler.We try to go every year and it sure would be a shame to miss all that greasy festival food.
My oldest rode his bike up with friends(it's right up the road from us)and I'm a little sad about it.He's always gone with us in the past.Someone needs to slow down this growing up train my kids seem to be on,I want them to get off!!!!!

I'm trying a new recipe tonight for Roasted red potatoes w/ rosemary and garlic,it sounds so good.I got it from this book,(which is gorgeous by the way)There are some beautiful pics and great recipes.I love all these books but I think this one is my new fave.

I'll post the recipe if it turns out to be yummy.

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