Thursday, July 12, 2007

Back to the land of the living

I've spent the last 3 days in a bathrobe,going between the couch and the bathroom,the bed and the bathroom,hopped up on Motrin and Gatorade,and feeling like I was surely on deaths door. Yes,I had a stomach virus. I've probably been the sickest that I've been in a long time.There was not a single part of my body that didn't ache. Well,today I'm finally feeling ok,not totally back to myself but close.
Normally when I'm sick for any period of time my house and everything in it goes to know what,but this time I'm amazed at how well everyone kept it together.
Actually it was 1 person,my oldest daughter. She took control and took no prisoners.
She kept up the dishes,(which is a full time job in itself),helped the little ones,did laundry,vaccumed,cleaned windows,dusted,fed the cats,watered the flowers,organized,and in my sick fog I recall her running around the house with a sharpie labeling everything she could get her hands on.I'm bursting with "proud mom feelings",almost to tears.She's alweays been one of my most helpful and resposible kids but this time she went above and beyond.If it was left to hubby the kids would've come out of this alive but none of the other things would've been given too much thought.
She's not even 12 years old yet and the past few days she took on the role of mom and caregiver with ease and pride in herself and everything she did.I don't want her to feel like this is her role,I want her to be a kid,but it's sure nice to know that if I need her she can handle it.
Sometimes when you feel like you just aren't getting thru to your kids or teaching them anything that you want them to learn,one of them steps up and suprises you,makes me feel like I'm doing something right.(getting the Kleenex now)

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