Friday, July 6, 2007


I have not had a great week at all. I was getting ready to write about all the gory details of my not-so-great week but instead I thought I would do this.
It made me feel better and I'm sure it's easier to listen to than my complaining.

What I'm grateful for this week~
1)My kids are healthy and happy
2)We were all together and had a great dinner on the 4th
3)baby hugs(and toddler hugs,and big kid hugs)
4)I have been slowly catching up on my organizing,1 room at a time
5)We've been eating better
6)I got to talk to my cousin (who lives out of state)for a long time,it was good.
7)hubby made me coffee this morning,even tho it was thick as syrup
8)I woke up alive this morning
9)I got to watch RS on GH
10)Paula Deen is on tonight!
11)my hubby and boys are having a "night out" tonight seeing "Transformers" ~happy about that
12)it's Friday!

I'm sure I have alot more but those are the biggies I can think of right now.