Friday, July 13, 2007

A day I'll remember

I've had a good day today.It rained all night last night but the sun came out before 11:00 am and it was just a beautiful day. I've learned to appreciate the days more and more lately,and everything around me.I seem to notice alot that I think I overlooked,even took for granted in the past.
At some point during the afternoon all 7 of my kids and myself ended up in the den together.We aren't usually ALL together in 1 room at the same time very often,especially during the day.Everyone is kind of off doing what they do,the little ones are running around,etc
We got to talking about my oldest son and how he was as a toddler,(W_I_L_D!!)then my girls were asking me to tell stories about them when they were little.I sat and told them what they liked to do,what they ate,crazy stuff they did,etc. I was suprised that my 40 yr old mind could recall as much as I did but I was able to come up with quite a few stories.They were shocked and suprised at some,embarrassed by others I think.My oldest son of course had no memory of trying to run a golf cart into a pond at age 3 or prodding another boy to join him in some head dunking in the toilet during a party when he was 4, ,my oldest daughter didn't recall screaming and having to be held pretty much the 1st 18 months of her life or that I made an ENTIRE Xmas dinner for 20 people with her strapped to my body so she wouldn't cry,(that sounds kind of unsafe now but really it wasn't and I'm sure I was extremely careful,also I was desperate!)my middle daughter had no idea that she was the most laid back,friendly baby that ever lived and she laughed every time she pooped,my middle son had no clue that he would only sleep 15 minutes at a time and had a binky till he was 3(sometimes 2 in his mouth at a time).I enlightened them.
I think they got as much of a kick out of the stroll down "humiliation lane" as I did.They were laughing,and I was trying my serious best not to cry recalling all the precious moments from the past.I didn't let them see that tho,I just laughed with them.

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