Friday, July 13, 2007

Oh Marilyn

I came across this quiz when I was blog-hopping,it's funny because I was OBSESSED with Marilyn when I was a kid.It staretd with a book I found at the library,it was a big beautiful book of nothing but gorgeous glossy photos of MM before she was famous and during her career.I remember checking that book out over and over again.I was mesmerized by her,the way she looked and dressed.I was sure there couldn't be a man on the planet that didn't love her.In reality it seems no one really did.
Of course I wanted to be her,did all the same poses in the mirror.How could anyone be more glamorous?(maybe this is where my 1st inklings to be a blonde emerged,hmmmmm) I thought she looked sad in so many of the photos.I couldn't believe someone so beautiful and perfect could be anything but happy.As I got older and learned more about her,it was easy to understand.
I definitely wouldn't want to be her anymore,but to me there is still no one like her.

Which vintage movie star are you most like?(For girls)

You are Marilyn Monroe. You're a sexy bombshell who knows how to get what she wants, but sometimes people underestimate you or misread you and you're seen for one thing instead of all that you are. You can actually be very shy and hard on yourself, and feel that sexiness is all you have to offer to people. You will have your success but be careful that you don't let anything consume you completely. Feel better about how smart you are.
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