Tuesday, July 24, 2007


The winds of change are blowing......................I guess I better hang on for dear life.
I used to like change,shaking things up never bothered me.I guess as I've gotten older I've become a little more reisitent to it,I've almost been fearful of changing anything major in our lives.I crave stability and security.I need to know what's here today will be there tomorrow,but we truly never really know that for sure do we?
Things do not stay the same forever,I should know that by now.The last few years have been nothing but change,good and bad.
I don't want to hang onto things and habits that I shouldn't.I want to make the right decisions for all of us,sometimes it's not clear what those are.
I've always been a tad bit of a control freak and I've had to learn alot about letting go and leaving it to god.It's hard and I struggle with it every single day,I feel that the path that we're on is for the best.
Gotta have faith.

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