Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Glimpse into the future

My oldest daughter was asking about my wedding dress this past weekend.I don't know where the thoughts came from or what sparked her curiosity. She's seen pictures but she wanted details. I finally told her that I had the dress in storage if she wanted to see it,of course she said she did.
I actually had 2 wedding dresses because we got married in 1994 and had a vow renewal ceremony on 2001.(the pic above is the actual church where we had the renewal)The 1st wedding was nice but we had no guests,no family,no cake,just us and the champagne.My dress for the 1st was not even a real wedding dress,I loved it just the same tho.
The dress for the 2nd was a different story,it was beautiful.Long and ivory with emboidered roses.I spent alot of time picking it out,even then that thought was in the back of my mind."Will one of my girls wear this someday?"
So,anyway.......the 2nd one was the dress she wanted to see. I retrieved it from it's special place it had been resting in since that day and handed it over to her.
To my utter suprise she asked if she could try it on.ummmmmmmmmmm,can I handle that?
Will I fall apart? umm,"ok"
She walked out and I just couldn't believe it.It fit her,the waist and chest area needed a tiny bit of taking in but it fit her.In reality if she grew much more in height it would be too short.
She kept it on for awhile,I don't know how long because I was kind of in a daze.The pictures of her walking down the aisle someday in that dress,envisioning my 1st born baby girl as a BRIDE.It was wonderful and completely terrifying all at once.I can't even quite express in words how I felt.The visions were unexpected and I wasn't ready for them.
As she looked in the mirror she said nothing,I told her that she didn't HAVE to wear that dress,she could have her own when the time came.
She said"No, I want it to be this one"

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Paradise at last! said...

Ok you made me cry that's beautiful