Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blew it

I totally blew my 5 days of staying on (or under) my WW points last night. I'm so down about this. Yesterday was a long day,kids were just either arguing,screaming,or crying all day long.It was a dreary stormy day and no one coule go outside.My oldest and I got into huge "thing" about his continuous smart aleck teen age mouth. I let alot slide before I finally said something,my mistake.I shouldn't have let it build up.
The kids need to get out and do something,too much togetherness at home in the last week or so I do believe.
Anyway,I was drained. I was upset and emotional and probably ended up going at least 10 pts over what I should.If anything this totally confirms to me that I do emotionally eat at times.
I feel bad for yelling at him and losing my temper,I need to get ahead of it next time.It was a rough day but today is a new day.
I'm feeling ok and it's still raining out but we're heading out later.I want to take the kids to do something.We all need to get out and get our minds occupied.
Ahhh,summer vacation is always a CHALLENGE!

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