Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The mountains are beckoning!

Oh boy I can feel it coming on. I absolutely love to go to the Smokey Mountains in Tenn.We usually go 3-4 times a year and during the months in between I start longing to be there,for the peace and the silence of it all,the complete escape.There is nothing like being high above those misty mountains,almost feeling the softness of the clouds.they feel like they're sitting right next to you if you go up high enough.It's pure tranquility,time almost seems to move slower.
I feel different when we're there,calm and full of wonder,optimistic even. There is something about it,I can even breathe better.(not to mention that mountain water does AMAZING things for my hair!)The food,and it even smells better.
I love the shops,I love watching my kids take in every scene and getting excited over all the things there for them to do,and screaming at the occasional sight of the bears.
It's a break,a break from our norm and sometimes everyone just NEEDS that.We need it to just get back to ourselves,to the heart of who we are.It's alot of work to get everyone packed and ready to go but as soon as I see that 1st glimpse of the mountain skyline I know it's going to be ok,it's so worth all the effort.
The people are just so friendly and warm,and it never fails that by the end of the trip at least one of us has picked up a Tennessee accent!
I'm pretty sure in some other time or place I must have been a southern lady on a big plantation drinking sweet tea and fanning myself under the giant weeping willow,well that's what I've dreamt of anyway.
I'm hoping to be able to go soon back sometime soon.I miss it.
Above are some pics I've take in the last year or so of the mountains.

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