Monday, June 11, 2007


A few weeks ago I read an article from USA today about fireflies. In a nutshell the "experts" who study these types of things are saying that all these little magical creatures will be extinct in 10 years time. Something about too much light,not enough mating,etc
Well,this made me very sad. I could not imagine my little ones not having the experience of running around in the dark trying to capture just one to keep in a jar overnight. I have so many wonderful memories of this as a kid.
Where I live there has always been tons of them this time of year,but I had noticed less and less the last year or two.In fact I don't recall seeing ANY last summer.

Well.............................................................this past Saturday night our yard was literally LIT up with these little twinkling "lighty bugs" (as my kids call them) The trees were a glow with thousands of them!!! I wish I was a better picture taker or had a better camera,maybe I could have gotten a good photo of them.It truly was a light show.
Maybe the "Experts" are wrong,at least I hope so. I'm pretty sure there was quite a bit of "firefly lovin" going on in my yard that night!I was so happy that my kids(especially the younger ones that had never even seen one before)got to have this experience!
Here are a few pics,I'm not sure why they turned out like that.My battery was charged and I had it on the right setting. I kind of think they look neat anyway.

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