Thursday, June 28, 2007

So much bad

It seems to me lately that there is just so much well,evil is the only word that seems fitting.

The pregnant woman in Ohio who (along with her full term baby) was just wiped off the face of the earth by her married boyfriend,the wrestling person who just killed his family and himself in one swoop,the innocent baby who was shaken into a coma by the babysitter,the young father who got tired of his 3 month old baby crying so he pushed her off the bed and kicked her in the head,etc etc.

I know this goes on every day but it seems almost too much to take all at once right now. What is happening in the world? Is this what we will all become at some point? We get mad or irritated so we just start extinguishing each other at whim?

I hurt and ache for these people and the families. I don't know them,but out of simple human compassion I feel very deeply for them.

I just refuse to believe that these random acts of evil represent what we as the human race truly are. I can't believe that there is bad in all of us if we let it in or succumb to it,I won't believe it.

If you dwell too much on these things it takes it's toll,I think I let that happen to me recently.I was feeling dark,depressed,even fearful.

Through all this sadness and heartache that is present in our world today we must look for the good and see it,feel it,and pass it on.

That's the only way we will all survive.

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