Tuesday, June 26, 2007


It is hot here today! I mean like hot and humid,where you never feel cool and your clothes stick to you.

I don't do well in this weather,never have. I get tired and run down and I always get a headache in this kind of weather.

I've been up since 5 in the am,yes 5:00 am! My hubby woke me up with his wonderful snoring and I could never get back to sleep till I went down on the couch.Right about that time Logan got up. MMMHMMM,it figures.The weird thing is hubby has NEVER snored till this past year.I told him his nose must be getting old.

I have a mountain of dishes,another mountain of dirty clothes,and floors I barely want to stand on let alone ever eat off of.

I'm in for a long day.


Paradise at last! said...

Come on down you can go swimming in our pool ;-)..

Amy~ said...

ahhhhhhhhhh,the pool sounds soooo nice right now!