Monday, June 11, 2007

I hate weeds

Weeds are surely from the devil.They must be. No matter what spray or pellet I put on the beds they come back and multiply by a hundred within 2 weeks time. I spent my ENTIRE day pulling hard,spikey,evil weeds yesterday. It didn't even help that I had pretty little gloves with pink roses all over them,because by the end of the day they were black and falling apart.My kids would not leave me alone while I was trying to complete this thankless task so I got out the sprinkler.It's truly amazing how it can keep kids happy and screaming with glee for a whole afternoon.See pics.;o)

(and it watered my lovely brown grass, a two for one deal)

There is also a pic of my hubby doing what he does best. Yep,that's right laying down.(an art he has truly MASTERED)The hammock swinging was cut short tho when I got frustrated and started chasing him with the hoe. He went and got his gloves after that.

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