Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Beautiful day/mom guilt

Well,it is just a gorgeous day outside today.It's sunny and summery but not too hot. I like this kind of day.
My kids have been on Summer break for 2 weeks now and I'm thinking that the mind-numbing TV watching and video game playing is going to have to end. My 2 oldest only surface when they smell food or hear the crinkling of plastic grocery bags.
My 8 yr old daughter has fled to grandmas house where the pool and horses are and only makes an appearance every 2 days for clean clothes.
This was a nice break at first but now the mom guilt has set in.I'm going to have to plan some sort of family thing for us this weekend.
They'll moan and groan but in the end it will be a wondeful adventure,I hope!
Now if only I can think of something that requires very little work on my part.;o) Oh shoot,we know nothing like that would be any fun.
More details later...................................

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