Monday, June 11, 2007

My new "DO"

This past weekend I dyed my hair.This is a HUGE event for me.I've been blonde the better part of 25 years and changing my color has never worked well for me. I guess maybe I'm tired of the kids asking me why I have a black streak down the middle of my head when I let the roots go a bit too long, and possibly I'm just needing a change.We all need that at times right?

So far,the reactions have been mixed. The kids were shocked,my hubby has mentioned 3 times that he really likes it.(which is pretty crazy since he's soooo a"blonde" kind of guy)I've gotten some wordless stares from family members and some chuckles from my oldest son.

Me,I'm still on the fence. It's a nice change but I'm thinkin I might still be a blonde at heart!

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