Monday, June 25, 2007

Squash~my new friend

Ok,have you ever had something in your fridge or freezer that you'd had and seen in there for awhile but you really just didn't know what to do with? This was the case with a little frozen slab of "Cooked Winter Squash" that had been looking back at me from the freezer door for months.

I think I bought it around last thanksgiving for a recipe that I ended up not having the time or energy to try.

I got up the nerve to pull that little frozen block of yellow stuff out of the freezer today and thought about what I could do with it. What follows is the recipe or sort of recipe that I ended up with.Stay with me,it REALLY is suprising.

1 pkg frozen cooked winter squash

2 tsp butter

fat free 1/2 and 1/2

dash of salt and pepper

Ok,I put the little slab in a covered casserole and cooked it for 4 min,stirred it up,added the other ingredients and stirred again.Cooked another minute or so and VOILA!

It smelled good,kinda reminded me of pumkin pie filling. I tasted ......and YES!!! It really was a pleasure for my little taste buds!!!!

Here's the best part,it has NO FAT and very few calories! (even with the butter,which in small amts is better for you than spreads etc)

I'm thinking this little winter squash is a very versatile veggie.(particularly in this frozen form) You could add some nutmeg or brown sugar and it would be a tasty sweet treat,even chilled sounds good. The possibilities are truly endless!

Ok,don't be afraid now,TRY it!!! I bet you'll like it.

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Paradise at last! said...

You know I can't eat that stuff unless it's that ravioli.. ;-).. But I'm glad you liked it..