Thursday, August 30, 2007

Steel Magnolias~

This is one of my all time fave movies and I caught it on TV last night around 10:00 pm or so.I was so tired but I had to stay up and see it to the end.I had forgotten how much I liked the movie and it never fails that I always cry through that last 1/2 an hour.Hubby sat and watched it with me although of course he doesn't "get it".I actually had to explain to him what a "Steel Magnolia" meant.
I explained to him that southern women are sometimes referred to as "Steel Magnolias" meaning very strong but delicate and beautiful at the same time.
He was really clueless.
Anyway as I sobbed through to the end I took great notice of the very last line of the movie,the lead character (played by Sally Field,whom I adore)has lost her daughter etc etc and just smiles and says"life goes on"
It's so simple but I've found myself saying this over and over in my life recently.
It really does just simply go on,no matter what happens it must.
Bad things happen,things you don't expect or feel you deserve but you get through,you find strength and pull yourself up every day.Some days are easier than other days but we still do it.
I have to much good,too much love and too much faith to just crawl in a corner and never come out again.I've certainly felt like doing that before but not now,not today.
I've always fancied myself a southern girl at heart so a "Steel Magnolia" would surely be something that I would feel honored to be,at least in my mind.
You know come to think of it,I know alot of women that deserve that title.They may not be from the south but they are some of the most strong and beautiful women I know.
I'm going to have to go hunt through my old DVDs,I think I want to watch this one again.;o)

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