Tuesday, August 7, 2007


It is so,so hot here.There is actually an "Excessive Heat Warning" in effect until tonight for our area.It's 94 degrees right now with a heat index of 105 degress!!!!
They tell you not do any outdoor activities unless it's absolutely nescessary.
No worries on my end,I won't be setting foot out there.The kids even refuse to go out past the porch. I really can't handle this kind of heat,it literally makes me feel sick and the humidity makes it very hard for me to breathe.
I wonder about the people in homes with no air at all,not even fans.I'm counting my blessings today that I'm in an air conditioned enviroment but how many people will get sick or even die in this kind of weather?
I think I'll be saying a prayer for them right now.


Paradise at last! said...

And you said it was hot in Fla. :-)

Amy~~ said...

I swear I haven't been this hot since I was down there!lol!
Actually I'm hotter.