Monday, August 20, 2007

A few of my fave things from my yard

I'm not feeling great today,not sick or overly tired just sore and achy still.I was told that I could feel this way for weeks,especially if I overdo (which I think I might have the last couple of days)There has just been alot to do around the house and it just doesn't get done unless I do it, school shopping to do etc etc.The walk around the mall with my girls was too much I think. I guess I should pace myself a bit for awhile.
The baby was asleep and the other kids were watching a movie so I took a little walk around the yard.I do that sometimes just to clear my head,believe it or not that short little jaunt around the house getting some air can do wonders.
I took some pics,my garden has actually produced some corn and pumpkins!I'm in shock

some green tomatoes

a pumpkin!

yes,there are leaves falling from my trees already

my little angel,she's been sitting on the porch steps keeping watch for 3 years now

Mrs Duck and her fancy fall hat

all the tomatoes my mother-in-law sent over,guess I'll be making sauce till it comes out my ears!

MUMS just scream fall

some roses,looking pretty sad this year


I like the color of these

Look,I actually have some real CORN!

Funny,not more than 20 minutes after I took these it started pouring down rain and it looks like we might be in for some pretty bad storms.

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