Thursday, August 9, 2007


I promise this is my last "how hot it is"whine-post but ok,this will give a good idea of just HOW HOT it is,(and it's almost 8pm)I just went out to take some pics of my little sad green tomatoes that finally came out but my camera lens steams up as soon as I walk outside and I can't even get a good pic!
This "heat warning" is in effect till tomorrow! I can't recall this kind of heat or actually having an extended warning before.I hope it cools of a bit before the kids go back to school,the elementary doesn't have air conditioning of any sort.(which I've never understood.(it's an old school building and the cost etc etc)
Here is the pic of the tomatoes,you can actually see how the the lens is steamed up.
On another note I have tomatoes!!!! YIPPPEEEE!

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