Friday, August 17, 2007

Movin on

It's now been 3 days since the accident and I'm doing ok,not great but very ok.I'm sore but today was better than yesterday and I'm hoping that's a trend.My parents are still sore and achy but they seem in good spirits. I finally got a rental car today.I must admit to being quite freaked out when I 1st got behind the wheel again.
I wonder if everyone who's been through something like this feels that way?I can't imagine not being nervous,even a little paranoid.
My life is going on,my kids are still fighting,still wanting me to do something for them every 2 minutes,still grocery shopping to do,meals to be cooked and there is still much to be done to get ready for school.It's actually been a great distraction,all the school supply shopping,orientations,etc etc
I had promised my oldest daughter she could get a haircut and highlights before school started and her appt was last night.I couldn't trust hubby to take her,who knows what kind of "do" she would've come back with! I went and it was rough,about 1/2 way through the highlight I wanted to lie down in the salon but I popped a motrin I made it to the end.She was happy and ready to show off to all her other little highlighted Junior High friends.
So,after all life really does go on.
Here's my little supermodel in the making with her new highlighted head

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