Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Speaking of beans

The pic above is a TINY portion of the fresh-from-the-garden beans my mother in law sent yesterday.I probably actually have about 4 times that many waiting to be cleaned and cooked in various ways.I love beans,my kids love them too so this is a good thing.What kills me is I planted my garden only about a week or two after she did and I have nothing out there but some sad looking plants that kinda look like they're trying to be beans and a heck of alot of weeds.Between all the deer and the cats using it for one giant litter box it's no wonder I guess.
This is my 1st try at a veggie garden so I'm cutting myself some slack. I figure if I end up with even one whole bean or pumpkin I'ts a success!


Paradise at last! said...

Remember she has horse crap for fertilizer!

Amy~~ said...