Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Sunday!

Well so far my weekend has been busy.I stayed up way too late on Friday night and I felt it all day yesterday!I was draggy and sluggish even with 3 cups of coffee in me.
I cleaned,did some laundry,the usual.I planned on making some zucchini bread but I just couldn't get motivated,maybe another day.
I took my oldest son and one of his co-horts to the skatepark late in the day then went grocery shopping.Have you ever heard 2 13 year old boys having a conversation?From what I could make out there was lots of talk about energy drinks and some bands that I had never heard of,also alot of technical skateboard terms that after all these years I still don't understand.
I ended up with 3 13 year old boys spending the night at my house,(not clear on where the 3rd came from,I just noticed him around 11:00 pm or so digging in the fridge)They went through a 10 pack of frozen burritos,1 bag of chips,a whole jumbo jar of salsa,and several cans of what I think are energy drinks.(why on Earth do kids this age think they need MORE energy??!!)
I've been up with the little one since 6:30 and so far I'm feeling pretty good.
(amazingly the loud teens didn't keep me up like they usually do)
It's a beautiful day today and I'm planning on packing up the whole crew and going here.....................................

There is alot more there than just the cool bridge.I'm thinking I might even get some sort of picnic together to take.I hope I can pull it off.
It's a beautiful place and I'm hoping to get some pics.

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