Thursday, August 23, 2007


I woke up to my alarm at 6:20 this morning and I instantly remembered the dream I was having.It was a nice dream,a peaceful dream,a happy dream.I wasn't being held hostage by intruders,or running thru the woods with no place to go.(these are recurring dreams of mine that I have at least every other week or so)
This was me in a house with ALL my family members,even ones I haven't seen in YEARS.
It was Christmas time and we were all just sitting,talking and openeing presents.I don't remember any words that were spoken but I could "feel" what it felt like.(if that make sense)
I woke up feeling more refreshed and at peace than I have in weeks,especially the last week or so.
It was nice.

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Paradise at last! said...

Was I there.. I miss those xmases, but I must say my life is much more peacful without Chris in it.