Saturday, August 25, 2007

I have a new love in my life

I've been hearing about this "Chai Tea" stuff for months now but it never sounded good to me.I'm pretty happy with my coffee and I didn't think I could be swayed.
Well,I read a blog post recently,(I swear I wish I could remember which one but I don't)the gal was raving about it so I thought what the heck?
I bought some at the store and made it according to the package directions.
I was very suprised by the taste!It's sweet and cinnamon-y and even kind of spicy.
I must say it was quite tasty and I can see how this stuff could be VERRRY addictive.
If you've never tried it I would suggest trying it iced with a little sugar and cream,(I used splenda and fat free half and half,the fancy name for this at S-bucks is Chai Latte) I easily downed 2 glasses of the stuff without realizing it!
I'ts a great alternative to coffee for that little afternoon pick-me-up,and what a great flavor for fall!
I think my coffee maker is getting jealous

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