Monday, August 6, 2007

Just Me~

I've seen this on some other blogs and I think it's pretty challenging to come up with 100 facts about yourself. Once I got going tho I didn't want to stop,makes you think.It's almsot cathardic.
So anyway....this is me

1.I'm short
2.I am married
3.I have 7 kids
4.I love babies
5.I love pregnancy and birth
6.I have long hair
7.My hair can't decide what color it wants to be
8.I live in a pink house
9.I love to cook and eat what I make
10.I have developed allergies
11.I can be controlling
12.I love pink
13.I love sexy high heels but never wear them any more
14.I met my hubby in a bar
15.I love bubble baths
16.I hate hot humid weather
17.I love the fall
18.I love Xmas
19.I long for peace and quiet but then when it happens I miss the chaous
20.I like to read
21.I love magazines
22.I had my belly button pierced but it hurt so I took it out
23.I did have fun getting it done tho!
24.I have a monumental crush on Rick Springfield
25.his music is the soundtrack to my life for the last 25 years
26.I had the same boyfriend from age 13-18
27.I dated a lot after that
28.I miss hanging out with other females
29.I love purses
30.I don't like skinny men
31.I pretend to garden but can't
32.I loathe doing dishes
33.I have a mini-van and a maxi -van
34.I love red wine
35.I have a glass 2-3 times a week
36.ok,more like 4-6 times
37.I love roses
38.I was raised by my grandparents
39.I don't see my mother much fave candy is peanut butter cups
41.sometimes I'm very lonely
42.sometimes I'm very scared
43.sometimes I lose my temper and wish I didn't
44.I have gone thru bouts of anxiety and depression
45.I will struggle with it forever I'm afraid
46.I hate the war
47.I support the troops and cry for the families
48.I am very emotional
49.I love fireflies
50.I'm deathly afraid of bears
51.I'm afraid of dying biggest fear is losing a child kids are growing up way too fast
54.I love make-up
55.I like my lips
56.I hate my nose
57.I've had breast implants for 11 yrs now my implants need some implants feet have gotten bigger by 2 full sizes since having kids
60.I have SPANX and am not afraid to use them fave food is mexican
62.I love southern cooking
63.I want to be Paula Deen when I grow up
64.I brush my teeth in the shower
65.I can not sleep by a door,any door
66.I like Elvis
67.I like spooky movies
68.I like romantic comedies
69.I hate ghory violent movies
70.I don't get Borat
71.I'm a tad old fashioned
72.and I like it that way
73.I can't sleep past 9am
74.I would love to be a nurse
75.I love the mountains
76.I love the beach
77.On our 20th wedding anniversary we will renew our vows in Hawaii on the beach~I hope/dream
78.I worry about my friends and family a lot
79.I'm a big time worrier~but I'm working on it
80.I hate bras
81.i have 4 boys
82.I have 3 girls
83.I'm still up in the air about which is more challenging
84.I used to care so much what other people thought of me and my family,I've learned it really doesn't matter
85.I think I was raised to be moral and thoughtful of others
86.I've done stupid things in the past
87.I've done things I would NOT want my kids to know about
88.I can't sing worth a dime
89.I've never met my father
90.I love coffee
91.I need to lose weight
92.I try to be a good mom
93.I love what I'm doing and take it very seriously
94.I'm 40
95.wouldn't want to be 20 again
96.I'm not overly political
97. I love the internet
98.I think the internet can be a wonderful thing
99.I think the internet can also be a an evil ,horrendous tool in the wrong hands
100.I appreciate every moment of my life


lynn said...

Great list. I love reading these!

Amy~~ said...

Thanks,it was really fun once I got going.